Personal Cv Resume WordPress Theme.

Bach – Personal Cv Resume WordPress Theme. Bach is best suited for developers, designers, programmers, freelancers, artists, coders, creators or any other digital professions. Modern and Creative theme design that will help you create a web presence. Includes: Dark & Light versions, Unlimited colors, RTL support, One Page & Multi Page, Transitions page animations, Powerful Portfolio, Lightbox Gallery, ACF Pro and Elementor – creating online resume and CV websites should no longer be a difficult. Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

If you are the first learner of WordPress. Before you start I will give you some information, see the below well-spring.


There is two way to install the WordPress Theme. Listed as below:

Step-one: The first option on how to install this Theme would be to directly upload the file via WordPress Theme Uploader.

*Click the Add New button

*Click the Upload Theme button

*Click the Choose file / Borwse... button(See the color mark code.). Find the in your hard drive then upload it and click the active now button

*After complete installation click on active button to active theme.

Step Two: our second procedure is FTP installation.

Now Refresh your frontend. You will see Bach in action.

Heare is an screencast for Bach installation:


In Bach we use 6 plugins.

After install Bach you will get a notification for plugin installation. Please install all required plugins.

How to import demo data in you bach theme?

Its bit complicated process. We tried to make it easier. First you need to understand how it's work. Our one page system work based on "Menu", "Front Page Template" & Section ( Pages ).

First we need to create a page with any name. We created one with the name "Front Page". Make sure you selecte "Front Page" page template from Template dropdown. Once you select "Front Page" template and save the page you will see that there was no Editor for this page. Don't worry about it.

Second : we need to create a secion for our home page. As you know, in one page when you click on menu item pages are not loded. Its scroll down to that perticular secion. So we are going to create our first section called "Home". And we are going to show Banner on that Home Section. By the way

Pages -> Add New . Insert Page title "Home". Dont need to select any Page Attributes ( Parent, Templates, Order etc) and Dont need to upload any Featured Image. Scroll down to bottom and find "One Page Settings" tab.

This is our key settings for one page secion.

"Is Secion?" If you want to this Page make a secion of your "Front Page" then turn it to "Yes". For your Home page please turn it to Yes.

"Disable From Menu?". If you want to Disable this Page name from Menu then turn it to "Yes". For your Home Page please turn it to No.

Now Navigate Apperance -> Menu. Create a menu and set it as Primary menu and add this home page to your menu. Save the menu. Refresh the site. follow the preocess for other sections.

Here is a Small Screen Cast:

For Theme options, Navigate Appearence → Customize → Theme Options. Lots of options are available here. We are going to introduce them to you first.

General Settings

Typography Settings

It has One options

Header Settings

Bach has an awesome blog design. In Bach there are three style available(i.e: left-sidebar,full-width,right-sidebar).
Please create a page with your given name and save it. To set this page as your blog page please navigate Settings -> Reading. Select your page from Post Page dropdown. And save the settings. Browse your page. You will get Default Blog View.

Blog Options

Blog other settings available in Appearance -> Customize -> Theme-options -> Blog Settings.

There are a few settings of a single blog post which is very much important. We are trying to show step by step. Please go to the "Blog post":

Single blog options:

Single Blog other settings available in Appearance -> Customize -> Theme-options -> Single Blog Settings.

Go to the pages->add new and enter the Page name. It has following settings below:

Page Options

Page settings available in Appearance -> Customize -> Theme-options -> Page Settings.

How to create single banner?

Content setting:

Folio Single Options

Go to the Appearance >> Widgets. All of the Sidebar here.

Included Javascript:

Thanks to all of those jquery plugins author who make our work easy.

Included CSS:

Thanks to all of those author who make our work easy.

Included Plugins

Thanks to all of those plugins author who make our work easy.